Her Honey-Bunch, Gum-Drop, Sweetie-Pie Is Gone

A multimedia presentation of a work by Stellasue Lee, Ph.D.

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Her Honey-Bunch, Gum-Drop, Sweetie-Pie Is Gone

Saturday, no calls I have to make, no plans
of any kind, just this cat looking deeply into my eyes,
questioning why my husband isn’t here —

and if she could, she would order me to bring him back —
When I try to hold her, comfort her, she gives me
a stiff-legged response pushing away, and looks
down her nose at me, her eyes wide, clearly
questioning my presumption that she wants to be held.

No! — No holding! Go to airport!
Bring him back!

Every piece of fur points in that direction.
I make breakfast, eat, shower, dress.
I find her in the closet, face burrowed deep
in his shoe. She doesn’t even bother to acknowledge
my presence. Her alpha male is gone— her main-
squeeze, schnooky lumps, gum-drop-cuddle-bear,

Lancelot, heartthrob, big daddy-yum-yum,
is gone, along with his lap, gone —

And, since I am the one who is in attendance
to all her kitty needs, she blames me for his absence.

Later, she digs up a plant, throws up on my most
expensive Chinese carpet, cuffs poor Tennyson
after he washes her face, and pushes a kibble in her
direction, offers to share his place in the sun.

Tennyson, the perfect Tuxedo cat. He accepts
it all, loves her anyway, as we all do. Kaylee,
Kaylee, Kaylee, I want to coo, Pretty Girl,

your daddy will be home on Thursday, but she
is back in the closet, sitting on a shelf below
his shirts, her head stretched up in a whirl

of fabric, her tail drumming against a finished
wood shelf, lost in her kitty world of mourning.


Her Honey-Bunch, Gum-Drop, Sweetie-Pie Is Gone
Recitation by Stellasue Lee

ASL (American Sign Language)


An interview with Dr. Stellasue Lee. Stellasue talks about her journey as a poet, her writing process, and a bit about the featured poem Her Honey-Bunch, Gum-drop, Sweetie-Pie is Gone. Visit Dr. Stellasue’s website to see her Bio.


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This multimedia project was a team effort created by the Multimedia and Web design concentration students in the Spring 2015 practicum class. The concentrations are part of the AAS Visual Communications major at Nashville State Community College. Following is a list of the design team members and their contact information.

Dale R. Rogers

Chief Project Manager

Doug Fickel

Animation & Graphic Designer

Lily (Sawsan) Saadoun

Chief Web Developer & Graphic Designer

George McIntyre

Audio Engineer

Rashad Thornton

Video Editor

Chris Bales

Web & Graphic Designer

Thomas Melton

Chief Editor Consultant

Chad Tribble

Graphic Designer & Closed Captioning

Deborah Sieh

Web & Graphic Designer

Team Picture